LGA1156 system isn't working properly anymore

Nov 2, 2018
It all started when my PC randomly shut of, after i quit GTA V (it crashed, said something about keeping the connection with the session. I've seen this before, when I began overclocking and the system wasn't stable). I tried turning my pc on, but after about a minute, it would shut of again. In system logs, it said that the system shutdown was unexpected, almost if it had the power turned off. After a few unsuccessful attempts to desperately turn it on, I decided that I should try resetting the bios. That's was the point, when the pc just didn't turn on at all. I admit, I wasn't running safe temps on my cpu (about 82C is the highest I've seen). I thought the cpu was the problem, so I went and bought another one (i5-660). At first, it looked like everything was ok, but over all the excitement I loaded my previous bios settings (the reason i loaded old bios, is because I had a raid 0 on my main storage), set everything on auto, that has to do with cpu, ram and overclocking. I saved to cmos and gave it a try at booting os. But because life is life, it didn't work. I'm pretty much stuck with a system, that keeps turning off after the same amount of time has passed after turning it on, no matter what I do, try going in to boot loading screen, bios, or loading os.

 Ty in advance

My specs:

CPU i5-750(looks like it doesn't work anymore),i5-660, cooled by a Hyper 212 evo

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3

RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 HyperX Savage 2400mhz cl11

GPU: Sapphire R9 280x, both fans that have bad bearings, so maybe excessive vibrations have something to do with my problems

SSD: 120gb Radeon. and two 750gb seagate HDDs in raid 0

PSU: Cooler master 650w 80+ bronze

Case: Zalman Z9 neo plus, with 5 fans in it

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