Jun 25, 2009
Hi there,

I have from an upgrade I did Celeron 3.0ghx LGA775 with MB and memory - I was thinking of hooking it up for a friend of mine but thought maybe I would get a better chip - I looked around and it seems like the Celerons are more that the regular pentiums - I mean just by like a buck or two but it still is odd... Is the Celeron somehow better on these LGA775 boards?

Also - Is there anything inherently wrong with these? It seems like the LGA755 came and went real fast...

Came and went fast? Socket 775 has been around for 4 years. That's a long time for a socket. I think you are misunderstanding. There is nothing inherently wrong with the old Athlon 64 processors but would you buy one today?

If you want me to tell you about the reason for the price difference, you will have to either link me to the CPUs or list me the model numbers.
The celeron is newer and built on 65nm technology vs the P4 90nm. Although the older P4 is faster, the celeron uses less than half the power. This could excuse the price.

Also, that celeron is based on the core 2 architecture while that P4 is based on the prescott architecture. Based on this, it is actually hard to say which will perform better but the celeron will certainly be more power efficient.

Both are not worth their price and will be easily outperformed by an AMD sempron 140 at 2.7GHz for about $40. If you have socket 775 already, an E3300 for $50 will perform the same.