News Lian Li and PC Master Race's 011 Dynamic Is a $160 Limited Edition Case Finished in Chrome


Apr 3, 2010
So uh, having a CHROMED Case, or for that matter a chromed ANYTHING, being shown off with just a stripe of light and a bunch of shadows is probably the absolute stupidest possible way to show off chrome. Putting something into a shadow is something you do when you are either trying to hide something or trying to give something incredibly boring a dramatic effect. Well, chrome isn't supposed to be boring, and by putting it into shadows you have done exactly that. You should put chromed things into crap tons of light and reflections to show off how shiny it is. Shadows don't make things shine, they give things less color and more of a matte look. Get those glints and sparkles of light to reflect off of the chrome. Get reflections of products and logos and whatnot into the refection of the chrome. They don't make caution tape camo-colored for a reason. They WANT people to see it. I am pretty sure they were attempting the same effect with all of that CHROME on the case. If they just wanted it to be seen in mostly shadows they wouldn't have made it with a REFLECTIVE SURFACE. They would have painted it with that black colored paint that absorbs 99.9% of all light that hits it.

BTW, yes I am a salty reader of your site. The old site may have looked older, but it was sooooooooo much better. I used to love refreshing the front page and seeing the help thread of the forums list new issues people were having. Then you moved it to the bottom of the site. Now you have to find it, showing all of the older readers of this site how much you just really don't care about the people actually trying to use the site, you just want us to keep clicking through. And on that note, stop with all of the STUPID videos on every page that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the article I am trying to read. I saw your bad video of whatever the heck it was trying to show off a long time ago, I don't need to see it again, and again, and again every time I open a new article. Also, why does the site not use all of my Monitor? Why does it not span the entire 2560 pixels? I am not on some stupid 2" wide phone trying to look at your site. I am on an actual monitor, so why only use what seems to be the center 2% of the screen?!


Mar 2, 2011
Look at it this way: it's only 2000 units - so it is exclusive. Also, someone connected to Lian Li needs to have a boat payment paid off - so why not help the nice folks who make good cases?