Question Lian Li - Fan Controller Issue?

Dec 8, 2021
  • Asus Rog Strix Z690-F
  • Lian Li Lancool II RGB Mesh Case
  • Lian Li Bora Controller
I don’t think my pc case comes with a controller hub. So I bought a controller separately. I plugged the 3 x front mount radiator fans into the controller. Then from the controller to motherboard I have the PWM cable plugged into CPU_FAN header and left the sata head unplugged.

When I turned on my computer the rgb works but the fan does not spin? Did I do something wrong? Anyone know how to get the fans to work?
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You have not told us exactly what fan controller you bought. In fact, I doubt you need one.

Your mobo has 5 CHA_FAN headers (see the manual, p. 1-8) designed for use with case ventilation fans. These are where you should plug in case fans because they are guided by a temperature sensor on the mobo. The CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers should be used only for CPU chip cooling devices because they are guided by a different temp sensor inside the CPU chip.

So if you have five CASE ventilation fans or fewer, you can easily plug each one into a different mobo CHA_FAN header. Your Lian Li case came with several fans that include ARGB lights in them. Each fan has two cables from it. One ends in a smaller connector about 3/8" wide with four holes, and two ridges running down one side. This plugs into a mobo CHA_FAN header to power and control the MOTOR only in the fan. The second cable with a wider connector with three holes plugs into a mobo ARGB header for their power and control, but I believe those fans' cables are designed for a "daisy-chain" connection scheme. In that system each fan's lighting cable can be plugged into an outlet from the previous fan, and only the first one in the sequence plugs into a mobo header.

For the fan motors, if you connect each of them to its own CHA_FAN header, just check in BIOS Setup that all of those headers are configured exactly the same (probably already are by default) so all the fans do the same thing.

IF for any reason you do decide you need to use the "fan controller" you bought, you have made errors. I suspect from your description that you have what I call a Fan Hub. Besides plugging the fans into its output ports, it needs TWO connections. One is the cable to go to a mobo fan header, BUT it should be plugged into a CHA_FAN header, not the CPU_FAN header. Then it also DOES need its other cable plugged into a SATA power output from the PSU - that is where it gets power for all its fans. Without that connection, your fans will not run.