Question Lian Li Galahad 360 Radiator fans not recognised by motherboard

Nov 15, 2021
Hi, in need of some desperate help with my new water cooler which I am installing into my pc, here are my specs:
CPU- intel i7 4790k
GPU- rog strix rtx 3070ti
Mobo- Asus Z97- Pro
Ram- Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 2400MHz (x2)
Case- Lian Li lancool 215

So after unboxing and preparing the water cooler for my pc, connecting all necessary cables I was quite annoyed to find that upon boot the radiator fans were not being recognised by the mobo, I had connected them to CPU_FAN and nothing… I used the 3 way splitter which was included with the Galahad 360, and nothing. I have no interest in the rgb that is included with the aio at this current moment, just want to have it working, the only possible problem which I could think of, is that I have not connected the rgb for the fans, or the pump. However I do not see how this would cause a problem as both parts of the aio are still getting power. When I try to boot, I get nowhere near my desktop, instead getting a CPU Fan error. Presumably the error is they’re not receiving power and spinning lol. As my mobo is fairly dated I did check to see compatibility and everything was said to be okay, so quite frustrating that this problem is occurring.
Any sort of help or advice would be appreciated so much, can show pictures and videos etc if people are interested:)
Many thanks :)