Walkthrough Lian Li LANCOOL 2 Mesh: x3 140mm fans front mounting mod


Feb 2, 2017
View: https://imgur.com/a/NGOanNm

: Lancool 2 Mesh does not allow, normally x3 140mm fans in front . I used x3 NZXT fans and a 280mm NZXT z63 AIO cooler
Solution: You need some zip ties, x2 low profile screws for the radiator, x6 fan screws, a drill with a shaving head or a drill and a conical or any bur that is a bit larger than the "holding in place" screw holes on the front radiator/fans mounting frame.
The frame only allows x2 140mm fans. The hole in the front of the case, where the mounting frame is, allows x3 140mm fans (barely).
You need to mount the mounting frame like in the picture ( fans on the outside and radiator on the inside ( frame cupping inwards).
You need to get rid of the bumps from the 2 holes on top of the mounting frame, where the fixing screws are suppose to go to keep the frame in place. The bumps are bumping inside of the frame so you need to get rid of them to be able to fit the radiator
all the way to the top of the frame/case without scratching it and stretching the frame. You use a conical drill or a sand stone (easier with the conical drill) Instead of the 2 screws you are fixing the frame on the case with 2 zip ties.
The fans need to be mounted first because you are screwing them trough the back and the screw heads will be covered by the radiator later.
The fans need to be screwed as tight as you can but to be able to slide them on the frame up and down using a bit of force.
Screw only the 2 screws on the bottom of top fan and 2 on the top second fan. Use loose zip ties to zip together the bottom of the second fan to the top of the third fan. Later on you will tight those zip ties and add 2 more screws on the bottom of the bottom fan.
To hold the radiator in place you need 2 low head profile screws that you screw in trough the top 2 fans blades. You will need to slide those 2 top fans upwards to be able to access the 2 radiator holes and then slide the top 2 fans back downwards.
Zip the 2 zip ties tight and finish with the 2 fans crews on the bottom of the bottom fan.