Apr 12, 2006
Having just bought this case, there are screw holes and mounting points in the exact spots on the other side of the HDD rack for another fan rack. I have not done it, but I bet I could easily move the existing rack to the other side. There are air intake holes in the side of the case on both sides where the fan rack would be.

So, yes, if you can get another fan rack it definitely looks like you can mount another fan rack there. The 3 fans mount to this rack. Without the additional rack, you would have to do something custom.

That said, I do not see an extra rack on the accessories sheet that came with the case, nor do I see one on their web site. I suggest that you contact them and ask if you can get one.


Dec 21, 2011
I stand corrected .. lol .. I could of swore they offered one but if wiyo has the sheet in front of him it must be true .. Oh well .. If the hdd rack is similar to the one in mine , a little dremel fun and drilling out a couple of rivots should work .. and adding a fan isnt rocket surgery :)