Question Lian Li sl120 not detecting in bios

Nov 5, 2022
Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can clear up an issue I am having. I built my first pc and i had shut it down last night but woke up to it on in the A.M. and it had given me a bios error saying CPU Over Temperature Error.

my system consists of
case: Lian Li pc-O11 dynamic razer edition

MotherBoard: ASUS TUF gaming b550 wifi II

cpu: AMD Ryzen 5600x (stock cooler)

ram: g.skill Trident royal z 3200(16gb)

gpu: Gigabyte Nvidia RTX 3060ti Aorus elite 8gb

case fans: Lian Li sl120 x6 fans w/ controller hub

I am not getting any feedback to the fans being plugged into the mobo within bios. The fans light up spin and can be addressed with the rpm speed and rgb. I am just not able to see any monitoring from bios or adjust the fan curve is there a reason for this?

I had the the fans/hub plugged into cha1_fan header, and bios showed n/a for the fan header. I then tried to plug it into cha2_fan and same result to no avail.

I then attempted to run a pwm fan splitter to cha2_fan header and unplugged one set of fans from the hub and into the splitter and daisy chained the fan to the controller. when this was done one the fans i connected to the splitter became undetected to the L connect and ran full speed. It was also not picked up or detected by bios still showing n/a from the corresponding fan header.

I am new to building and trying to learn as I go have I overlooked/missed something.


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