Review Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 Review: A New Level of RGB for Your PSU Cables

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
Greetings from the 'Great American Redoubt!' I would assume that there will be a rush by the more ‘deep-pocketed enthusiasts’ for PCIe Gen 5 compatible PSU’s and when a mass of them are coming to town in a few months. As to extension cabling and for especially those supporting halo type 4090’s, I would have an issue with casually or on a whim replacing the cables which originally came with my new GPU or those already plugged into my MB! Both Seasonic and EVGA for instance have been adamant that only their seemingly proprietary PSU cables are to be used or warranty issues are put on the table! Is Lian Li unilaterally guaranteeing that all of their cabling products exceed most existing PSU formats including all key-brand manufactures? Has Lian Li been endorsed by EVGA so to speak? It’s just that some of us will be getting (both at the same time) an all new PSU and GPU and in the process may drop a cool $2000 or more. 1600 watt PSU’s may becoming the new black along with $500 out of your pocket? So before I plug and play with Lian Li’s latest RGB vibrant light show or a visit to the Empire State Building, I am not convinced that it will be a smooth $$$ or safety ride for me with a $70 24-pin cable and $60 for a triple-headed GPU cable. But what do I know?
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