News Lian Li's New No-Compromises Case Will Cost You $500


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Except an optical drive. There's still no better way to buy a film and actually own it than on a disc.
Use an external USB drive. That said I am never paying that much for a case I don’t care how nice it is


Apr 12, 2021
Using an external USB optical drive is an option, but from my perspective that is a compromise in an already expensive and supposedly "no-compromises" case. I already have a decent internal BR writer, sourcing an equivalent USB 3.0 or better drive is expensive (from what I recall).

It is a shame that ODDs seem to be either completely ignored or hidden away in the higher-end cases. I really like my R6 but I'd be happier for it to have a mesh-front and an ODD that isn't hidden behind a solid door (or to have that option at least). I know that the Define series is about being silent, but I don't see that Fractal - or indeed anyone else - offer a case that is the size of the R6 with a mesh front and an ODD. If there is such a case then it probably has room for 0.75 HDDs or something. I know not everyone wants to have space for 3.5" HDDs, but some do.
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