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Question Light blue empty screen followed by shut down.


May 27, 2016
I am coming here begging you for help as I am unable to fix my problem.

I have put together some older components : Gigabyte GA B85 HD3 rev 2.0, i5 4590 and 2 ram sticks, each with 8 GBs., I've bought a new case and a Segotep SG-500A PSU and a SSD Kingston A400 480GB SATA-III. The graphic card I used is Radeon HD 6770 Series but it doesn't matter as i tried putting it together without it, just using the CPU's integrated graphics.

I have tried installing Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website, which i installed on my USB stick.
The problem I encountered is a long motherboard screen - around 1 minute, followed by a light blue screen, similar to the one from windows errors for around 20-30 seconds and then it shuts down.

What I have tried:
-Using only one ram stick
-Changing ram stick slot
-Resetting CMOS battery
-Reseating every component
-Recreating the USB Windows stick
-Removing SSD
-Updating BIOS
-Downgrading BIOS
- I am currently trying to see if Ubuntu gives me any meaningful errors but I just get blackscreen when I try to install it.