Question Light occasional flickering & Color change

Nov 25, 2021
Hello, so I've purchased this prebuilt computer a while ago equipped with an RTX 3080, i9 11900 (non k), 48go of RAM & a Z490 a pro mobo. And it came with this issue where everytime I access the "Display Settings" on Windows a light (yellow-ish/green-ish) filter applies to my entire screen, I went searching online and I couldn't find anything regarding this issue and suddenly the filter just goes away after I keep using my computer and colors go back to normal. I then, did a fresh install of Windows 11 by completely wiping out my Main Drive and guess what? That seemed to fix the issue!

A friend of mine asked me to borrow my 3080, and I used his RX 580 for about 2 weeks. Once he brought it back the problem appeared again, I then again proceeded to try everything to fix and nothing seemed to work, I used DDU as well and that didn't fix it, and what I realized is that this is pretty much a driver issue as everytime I uninstall my GPU drivers or when I boot into safe mode the problem disappears.

I'm now at a point where I simply cannot do a full wipe of my drive, as I have so much data and work on my computer that I can't simply just go for the clean install anymore! Any help would be appreciated, I've tried contacting Windows as well and they have no clue nor ever heard of a similar issue.

Thank you in advance!