[SOLVED] Lightning strike fried my GPU and AVR ?

Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
hi, about 3 days ago.. made the mistake of keeping pc on with internet while a thunderstorm is outside. A loud thunder and the modem's light went out, the monitor went red and the pc went silent.

the only "luck" I had is it's my backup pc with an old gpu, a gtx 460 that got fried. Would have been a worse disaster if the newer pc with a GT 1030 that got destroyed.

brought pc to the shop. On examination, the technician said my gpu and avr are goners. sad..

thankfully, the damage somehow got limited to only the gpu and avr. And my good old backup pc is running again -- the kind salesgirl at the shop gave me a free gpu to replace the 460, it's only a gt 530 - weak gpu, but still better than integrated graphics.. so I'm thankful to have it. lol

when the incident happened.. both the modem and monitor are plugged in to the wall outlet, only the PSU is plugged to the avr.

now, I have plugged the modem, monitor, and PSU all to the new avr. Is this the right thing to do?