Lights, Fans, No Beeps, No video output


Dec 19, 2012

I've started a new build, and my problem is that although I can turn on the computer from the front panel, and I get the LED light from the panel, there is no beep when I turn on the system, and I cannot get any video output from the system.

My specs are this:

- Intel Z77 Chipset Motherboard GA-Z77P-D3 (rev. 1.0)
- Intel Core i5 3570K Processor
- 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
- Liteon 24x Int. Dvdrw Black Sata
- Coolermaster Elite 330 Case With Coolermaster eXtreme Power 500W PSU
- Seagate 1.5TB 3.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Barracuda Hard Drive - 5900RPM 64MB Cache
- Logitech MK260 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with adapter/transmitter in back of computer

Specific Details:

- The motherboard, the RAM and the processor were bought as a bundle, I did not install these, they were pre-installed. Steps which may involve bad CPU, CPU fan, or RAM installation shouldn't be a problem.
- The motherboard only has a HDMI output, and the only HDMI device I have in the house at the moment is a Smart TV, so this is what I have been outputting to.
- The fans (both the case fan and the processor) , the LED light and the DVD drive work, the DVD drive will open and close when I press the eject button.
- The case speaker doesn't seem to work, when I turn on the computer, there is no loud beep.

What I have already tried:

1. I have tried using a different HDMI cable
2. I have tried removing the power cable, holding the ON button on the case for 45 seconds, and replacing the power cable.
3. I have tried removing the DVD, HDD, front panel USB and AUDIO cables from the motherboard
4. I have tried removing the 12VATX cable and the 24pinATX cable and replacing them.
5. I have removed the motherboard, I checked behind it to see if there were any loose screws, nothing there.
6. I have removed and put back in the front panel connectors.
7. I have tried resetting the CMOS by connecting the two pins for about 10 seconds with my screwdriver.

If anyone could provide help, that would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that this isn't going to turn out to be something very basic, such as the computer not being able to output to a TV.