Question Lights + some keys not working properly on keyboard ?


Razer products aren't known for their reliability and your KB producing a fault, is what i'd expect from Razer. And since the warranty period for all Razer KBs is 2 years, you actually got even more out of it (nearly 3 years) than expected.

As of what to do next, buy new KB. Preferably from far better and more reliable brand, like Corsair, HyperX (former subsdiary of Kingston, now owned by HP) or Logitech.

E.g I'm using Corsair STRAFE RGB with Cherry MX Silent switches (specs) and KB works fine, despite being 5 years and 8 months old already. Only minor thing it has, is that the red LED within F2 button died few months ago. Other than that, KB works like a charm.