Question Likely dead motherboard, second opinion?


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Hi all,

Picked up an ASUS Z370-I, i5-8400 combo today (with a couple coolers - L9i and a Shuriken 2). Seller informed me the board one day just stopped posting.

He took it to MemEx, but all they did was put another CPU in and the issue persists & sold him a whole new setup.

My troubleshooting would suggest first impressions are correct - MB is dead. Just throwing it out here incase anybody has any other suggestions of things I could/should check before calling it a day.

None of the boot LEDs light up. Board gets standby power and turns on/off as expected with the front panel...(not an instant off either, it takes holding it a few seconds... Like it would if functional). Whole RGB lights up etc.

Tested with my known good P2 850W and RAM.

Connected a speaker, no beeps at all.

Out of curiousity, I removed the cooler and felt for heat - and the CPU doesn't change temperature in the slightest.

It's the board , I'm 99% sure. Nothing visibly wrong with it, so maybe a corrupt BIOS but no flashback feature here.

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

All in all, two coolers should be an easy $20/each, and the 8400... I'm not sure. But pretty sure I won't be 'out' anything but a few hours of time considering I paid $100 CAD for the bundle.


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Given the all-polymer caps, check the next least reliable component--take the heatsinks off the VRM and probe across the leads of each mosfet (right on the board but with no CPU or PSU installed) to check for for dead shorts. Might get lucky and find one!

Will take a look, thanks! Won't be until next weekend at this point though. FIL borrowed my multimeter a couple weeks ago.