Question Limit power consumption, turn non T Intel CPU into T Version ?

Nov 20, 2022
I'm planning on building a NAS and already got the case and drives.

I'm wondering whether I can set the Power Limit to a reduced value, like default is 65 Watt for Long Term, but if I could set it to 35 Watt it would essentially turn the CPU into a T version ?

Or do I need to buy a T version Processor to get lower power consumption ?

I only care about power usage, performance is not needed for the NAS.

Planning on buying a ASRock H670M-ITX with either i5-12400 and Power Limit it or a i5-12400T (which is 50$ more expensive and factory locked, so the limit can't be increased)

From manual the MB/Chipset supports PL1/PL2 Power Limit but I'm not sure if this is limited to K processors

And I'm not sure if this is even the same as a T processor.

For AMD I'm used to eco modes in BIOS, which essentially halves power consumption, but does Intel have an equivalent which is not undervolting (which is limited to K processors) ?