Question Limited Bandwith


Mar 6, 2020
Hello, everyone I live in egypt and the internet packages that all ISPs in here provid are limited thre's no unlimited plans and the packages are little for such expensive prices
and i was wondering if there was a way that i can get unlimited plans maybe like satelite internet or idk if someone here have more knowledge and can tell me about the posibilities i can go for i would appreciate that alot
Doesn't the government in egypt still monitor/filter content?. There are limited fiber connections and it wasn't that long ago a ship cut a couple fibers and took almost everyone down.

I would assume there are satellite connection you can get since outside bigger cities that have fiber they have used satellite for years. It likely is not going to be cost effective for a home user.

The starlink system that elon musk has is going to be the best option BUT there is a massive almost multiyear wait list for the equipment already. You also have the problem that they have to get permission from each countries government. The starlink site say egypt is coming in 2023 but I really doubt that. They have huge areas of the usa and eu that do not have coverage yet...and that assume china does not keep closing the plant for covid and builds the home units. They must build the satellites themselves in the USA becuase they are launching those every couple weeks.