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May 20, 2013
Hello ! I am building a PC with low power requirements for a solar system. I refuse to go with a Laptop or an inverter. I have 2 questions regarding the PSU connectors, would you help me please ?

Heres the intended build

Intel i5 6600 // or 6500 (Intel graphic 530)
MSI h110m PRO m2 // or ECO // or B250M-PRO-VDH
1x8Gb DDR4
WD Blue 5400RPM 1Tb

Here are the 2 PSU options 250w 320w

Question 1;
Looking at the Specs, of the POWERSTREAM I see ;
+12V(P4) 4 pin x1: Molex 39-01-2040 or equivalent
Process EPS 8 Pins x1 Molex 39-01-2080 or equivalent

Can I use this 8pins one for the CPU ?

Question 2;
if not............ Can I safely use one of those FDD 4pin one with an adapter to replace the missing +4pin to the CPU?

Thank you all!!



I'm confused. It has everything needed to plug into a typical motherboard. 8-pin EPS connector is for 4-pin CPU power, or 8-pin CPU power. 4-pin is also present, so just use that if the board only has 4-pin.

No adapters should be needed. You will end up with an extra connector unless you are using a high end motherboard that has both (there are a few, usually two 8-pins these days)

If the goal is low power, might try out one of the T class processors. They boost decently, but run at much lower power consumption (essentially the binned chips)

Ah, I think I know why you might have been confused. It has a 24-pin ATX connector, not the old 20+4 pin. So that 4-pin connector there is the typical connector used on cheaper systems. 8-pin is for the more heavy duty systems out there, usually a 4+4 offering, but looks like they just decided on both to avoid confusion.
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