Link Tax, 'Censorship Machines' Pass EU Committee Vote

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Mark Honzawa

May 30, 2013
So let me get this straight, in order to "protect" copywrites they want to prevent other sites from driving traffic to their news sites by forcing fees to create those links. How did someone think this a good idea other than to attack news aggregators like Drudge?

It's a tax, so of course politicians of a certain ideology love the idea. It's no different than "gun control", it's more about control than guns. This is more about taxes than copyright protection.

Reality is, when a story is linked, if the reader is interested, then they follow that link and the original website hosting the story gets the revenue from the traffic. Unless it is a full copy of the article with a link at the end to the original story, then there is no loss there.

It's what you get when political hacks try to regulate things they have no knowledge of.

Which is the majority of the politicians. They have no real idea how anything works. I watched a video of EU members lambasting a Youtube rep for suggesting a Tommy Robinson video on the main page. Whatever a persons opinion of him his video falls into political in origin and if someone watches a lot of political videos they will likely get recommended videos that might not always be just a big echo chamber and rather challenge their ideals.

But of course it is obviously Youtube being racists or sexist or something... I don't know.

If we had actual technology driven people building laws around technology it would be one thing. Problem is the corruption in politics is too great and it is mostly boring compared to working with the tech. I mean at least these politicians could consult with people in the industry first.
Not open for further replies.