Linking 2 Networks


Jun 29, 2012
i have a set of networked pc's which have there own dhcp server. i would like to give the pc's on this network access to files on another network. at the mo both networks are completely seperate. how can i bridge the 2 networks together if it is possible
Use one or more routers.

{ network A }<--->[router A](wan)<-- wire -->(wan)[router B]<--->{ network B )

NOTE: You can't just use switches in place of the routers since that would create the possibility of users on each network getting a DHCP response from the other network's DHCP server, and thus end up misconfigured.

Also, you could use one router, however in that case the downstream router (A, the one behind the WAN) would have open access to the upstream network (B), but the opposite would not be true. Users of the upstream network (B) would be blocked by the downstream router’s (A) network.

{ network A }<--->[router A](wan)<-- wire -->[switch]{ network B )

Of course, you could use a “software” router instead, such as two PCs, each w/ with a second ethernet adapter, connected directly, and using ICS. Same concept, but just leveraging existing hardware.

So it just depends on what best suits your needs.


Jun 29, 2012
If so, get rid of one of the routers and get a switch instead. Plug the router into the switch, and the switch into each of the wired computers. The wireless computers will get their connection from the router.