Links in Signature?


Apr 12, 2015
I'm trying to insert some useful links in my signature (PSU Tier list, Step by step guide to PC building, etc) but can't seem to figure out how to do so. All links are to Tom's Hardware threads or articles, so no self promotion. So, my question is, how do you do so?


links in signatures are easy if you know bbcode and that signatures have a character limit. for example here is mine..

how it appears..

Headphone Guide | Anime List[/ur] | [url=]Build

how it is coded..

i use shorturls to shorten the link url since i'm close to the maximum character limit on signatures.

sometimes you need to play with spacing or wording as it likes to jump to a new line at times.

linking to TH threads is perfectly fine, even encouraged if it spreads good useful information.


it was working fine last time i checked. looks like either the url was mistakenly taken down by googles software since the postimg urls are a bit strange or some unfortunate decided to screw with me and click the report as spam button.

the link points here in case you were curious. just a few photos of my setup.

just a note... please resize your signature image to comply with our rules. by the books this is 75x400 however we have been a bit more relaxed and generally allow anything of similar actual screen area (75x400=30,000) so anything about 30,000 square pixels or less is generally acceptable


i'll accept that. if one of the other mods brings it up in the future you may have to change it but its fine by me unless anyone else complains.

i realize some of the rules on signatures are a bit restrictive. i've been personally pushing for 30,000 pixels since it gives a bit more freedom of expression and generally it seems to be accepted though its not official policy. normally i let people slide 1-2% over (you're in this region) before i make note and have them change. the major reason why we make a push about signature size is that if things get too extravagant or large there might be a push to have signature images removed and i think we all want to avoid that.

i do like your concept. very simple and minimalistic.