Linksys RE6500 Stops Internet Access on Router

Feb 2, 2019
So, I have gaming consoles and a PC that need decent internet connection to play the games I like. Problem is, my internet feeds through the front of my house and in to my living room, and I like to game in my room, away from the people I live with. I bought the RE6500 range extender from Linksys to stop my PC from disconnecting constantly, and it works great, no problems. Except, for some reason, after some time the range extender kills everyone's connection to the router. To clarify, the router's WiFi signals are still there, but there is no internet going through the signals. The problem immediately goes away when I unplug the range extender. Also, the iMac plugged into the router in the living room gets a message along the lines of "Linksys wants to download software onto this computer" around the same time the internet from the router stops working. I'm wondering if anyone knows why this keeps happening and if there is a solution.