Question Linksys Router: destination url ?

May 20, 2023
Mac Studio
connected to:
Linksys EA 8300
Tp-Link SG108E Gigabit Switch
connected to:
Spectrum standard Spectrum Modem and Router(2 separate devices)

I can't figure out why my Linksys router on the web page under troubleshooting, then logs, it states my destination url or ip is It's not my router's web page address. Under diagnostics under same troubleshooting tab is the Internet address which is a 192. 168._._ address. My router's web page address is a address. Is this typical?
Those are all private IP addresses so there is no way to say 100% for sure how you have things setup.

Someone could have changed the lan to 10.x.x.x but it is not common. Now if there is a second router in the path and it is using the same IP range for its lan someone might have changed it. The 192.168.x.x ip is a private IP that is more commonly used for lan.

Start with a IPCONFIG /all command on your pc. The gateway IP will be the IP of the router.

Spectrum tends to give you public IP addresses so I am not sure what is going on. It would be common on other ISP to give your wan IP a 10.x.x.x ip and then your router could use 192.168.x.x ip for the lan.