linksys router trouble


Jul 8, 2003
Here's the deal. I have 3 computers hooked up to a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router, 2 of them are with wireless connections. Everything usually works fine, but one day one of my wireless computers booted up with an ip address of I messed around with settings, but couldn't get DHCP to assign it an IP again, so I gave it a static IP. I was able to ping the router afer that, but I couldn't access the real internet. I ended up resetting the router to factory defaults, re-entering all the account information, gateway, DNS servers, etc... and it worked again for a day. Next day, now neither of my 2 wireless computers can get IPs through DHCP, and if I give them static ones they still can't get out to the real internet. I tried resetting the router again but no luck this time. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on?

This is actually my second linksys router; I bought it after having problems with the first one. What are some other good brands of routers out there? Good brands meaning reliable ones. I really don't care how fast or high range they are if I can't even get an IP from them.


Oct 6, 2001
Real internet? Not sure what your trying to say there. The internet is the internet is the internet. Real as it can be.

As far as your problem, I would concur with a firmware flash, even if your firmware is current. Might do nothing but flash's can cure ills many times. If not, then going static might be the way to go. Since you say you assigned static IP's and could then get to router then you have connectivity. YOu probably just did not fill in the dns information or perhaps the gateway IP correctly. The gateway will be the router's address. The dns really depends on the system. Some will let you use the router's address as the DNS. Others, like mine, require you to manually add the correct DNS information. Since your running wireless, using static IP's is a better security choice anyway. You might try that before even bothering with the firmware. If it works then just let it go. Your DNS should be found on the WAN page of your router's admin page. Not all that familiar with Linksys gear so I can't be specific but the DNS IP's will be on there somewhere. Perhaps the dhcp client page of the router.

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