Linksys wrt1900AC as a proxy server when I travel?


Jan 18, 2015
I use VPN Express as a general service VPN tool wnen I travel on business.

However when I want to watch a movie or a game while I'm in traveling in Europe or Asia most services will block my ExpressVPN connection.

I was thinking about re-configuring my home Linksys wrt1900AC router as a proxy server sou I could watch my favorite movies or games even when my cable company is being silly. Is there any guidance out there on how to reconfigure this router to act as a proxy? Do I need to DD-WRT the router to make this work?

You likely need more than a simple proxy but that depends a lot on what service you are using to view things. Many use ports other than say 80 or 443.

You could though load a vpn server on the router. Without reading the manual I can't say if that linksys support server mode but it is becoming more common feature. You can of course load dd-wrt......again assuming this router is one that is supported.

Although IP addresses do not change a lot for most people you will need to deal with that issue and of course you need to have a public IP to even think to do this.

You also need to ensure you have enough upload bandwidth on your connection

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