Linksys wrt54gs - not working anymore




I have a standard sagem sky broadband router and another (wrt54gs) which is hardwire attached from the main sky router at the opposite end of the house. The wrt54gs serves as hardwired connector to the games consoles (PS3 and xbox). this used to work fine up until recently for no apparent reason it stopped working and i cant figure out why. i tried to ping on but it brings back a message that the address is unreachable. The main internet connection from the sky sagem router works fine when using the same cable instead of going through the second modem (wrt54gs).

i just cant seem to connect to the linksys wrt54gs.

like i mentioned it used to work fine before and for some bizarre reason has stopped.



It is either broken or its configuration got changed.

I would connect a computer directly to it and type in its current IP address to see if you can get open a configuration page to check its settings.

I would not set it up as a subnet (i.e., rather do an LAN to LAN connection and give it the static address in the sagem and in the wrt54g, and disable the DHCP in the wrt54g, which will make it a switch and wireless AP if you turn its radio on.

If you cannot connect to it directly, reset it with the small recessed button on the back, then its default address, username none, and password admin should work unless it is broken. Then reset it as above to place it the same network.