Question Linux Kubuntu can't remove or copy files from/to USB pendrive ?

Nov 20, 2021
When I plug in my USB 3.0 storage I can read all the files and etc but I cant delete any of them, also when I'm trying to copy some from PC to USB they are not appearing on other device when I plug pendrive in it. On Windows everything works like a charm, but in my Kubuntu are plenty of problems.

Also I found out that files are deleting when I am waiting ~10 minutes for it. There's no notification about that files are deleting, but only when downloading. It makes folder .Trash-1000 on USB Stick too, but there arent any files in it.

I have 2 more problems:
I cant install most of packages (.deb) with installer, I need to install them with command sudo dpkg -i [file]
One application always crashes when Im doing screenshot.

Pendrive is not faulty, because I tested one more.

Ok I waited 5 minutes to copy files from machine to USB and they showing 0 KB (I copied 3 screenshots) and they cant be read in windows 10.
I did not mention thats Kubuntu 21.10

Here are some screenshots. Please help :)

Translation for one of the screens:
''Unfortunately, we cannot open this picture, because format is not supported or is corrupted.''

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Nov 20, 2021
The first thing I'd question is how exFAT are supported by Ubuntu.

Personally I'd choose another file system just to be sure (FAT32 that is).
But I have files +10GB on that pendrive
Also I checked moving, copying and deleting files from pendrive on ubuntu and everything works fine there
You know, I think its just bug for new distro.

You should know that exFAT was just released as open source (according to wikipedia) in 2019. BUT - it also says:
That wikipedia article said:
exFAT was a proprietary file system until 2019 when Microsoft released the specification and allowed OIN members to use their patents.[40] This lack of documentation along with the threat of a patent infringement lawsuit, as happened previously when Microsoft sued various companies over the VFAT long file name patent (before it expired), hampered the development of free and open-source drivers for exFAT, and led to a situation where Linux distributions couldn't even tell users how to get an exFAT driver. Accordingly, exFAT official support was effectively limited to Microsoft's own products and those of Microsoft's licensees. This, in turn, inhibited exFAT's adoption as a universal exchange format, as it was safer and easier for vendors to rely on FAT32 than it was to pay Microsoft or risk being sued.

So - I wouldn't have too much hope. It looks like extremely dangerous for any Linux distro to include full support for exFAT (can and will probably be sued (nod sudo) ).
Ok but I connected my second USB drive with FAT32 partition and there is the same problem
hm, ok that's weird.

The first thing I'd want you to do - boot up with a Linux live desktop (can but don't have to be Ubuntu) and then try to move some files on to those usb sticks. See if that behave differently.

I think I'd suggest using some different distro than Ubuntu also (Manjaro or Fedora t.ex)
I just said before that I tried on other distros and everything works there. Problem is with Kubuntu 21.10 version
Ok, so you've tested regular Ubuntu and doesn't have same issue there. I missed out on that.
That's weird, assuming same kernel and only different desktop.

Just maybe something went wrong during installation. Couple of more question:
  • Does this issue persist also if you try to run Kubuntu in Live desktop ?
  • Have you ad this issue since first installed Kubuntu or has the behaviour became as it is over time ?