Question Linux Mint - deleted all the partition by mistakenly

Aug 7, 2019
I wanted to removed Linux and intall clean windows 10 on my laptop.
Initially i have tried to create bootable Windows 10 Pendrive using rufus software.

Now when i tried to restart laptop, and change bios setting by changing boot sequence (keeping USB HDD) on top, i thought my windows will start loading but it doesn't. and everytime it just load linux as default start up.

i have tried all the diffrent option in BIOS setting, but no result.

I got tired, and i have tried to delete everything by going into DISK Option of linux mint.
Result of this, now my system is not even booting up. it only throws the error. ("All boot option tried. Press f4 key to recover with factory image using recovery or any others key for next boot loop iteration.")

I dont know how to fix this issue, and install windows 10 on my system.

Any help would be a great help and appreciation.


Jul 2, 2019
Re-create your Windows 10 install media with a fresh copy of the Media Creation Tool and use the tool itself to create the USB drive.

It is almost certain that the issue lies with the install media, and since the MCT can create it directly that would be your best bet.

I do not know what you mean by "keep USB HDD" on top, as the HDD and USB drives are two distinctly different things. Either the USB boot will be first or it won't.

What follows are my step-by-step instructions for doing a completely clean reinstallation of Windows 10. Even though I generally prefer downloading the ISO and using Rufus, I am suggestion you use the instructions for using the MCT to create the bootable USB media instead (Option A in my instructions).

Important Reminder 1:

If your computer has ever had a valid, licensed copy of Windows 10 installed, even if that's been later replaced by, say, Linux, you can still do a completely clean install of Windows 10 without having to acquire a new license. Windows 10 licenses are stored electronically on Microsoft servers, and are linked to your computer's motherboard. The installer will locate that existing license if you are reinstalling Windows 10.


Important Reminder 2:

It should go without saying, but, if you have a functioning, even poorly functioning, system that you're hoping to wipe clean to get a fresh start you should definitely do a full system image backup and a separate user data backup before following the instructions for doing a completely clean reinstallation. It also makes sense to use a utility such as Belarc Advisor to create an inventory of the software you have installed and the license keys for same so that you have a handy list when it comes time to put them on your brand new Windows 10 installation.

You can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool either to create bootable USB media directly, or if you want to have a copy of the ISO file, to download that and use a separate utility to create the bootable USB media. Either way will work.

These instructions are current as of July 29, 2019. They have changed little during the life of Windows 10.

Doing a completely clean (re)installation of Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool (MCT):

A) To create a bootable USB drive using the MCT itself:

- MS-Word Format: Completely Clean Win10 (Re)install Using MCT to Create a Bootable USB Drive

- PDF Format: Completely Clean Win10 (Re)install Using MCT to Create a Bootable USB Drive

B) To download the Windows 10 ISO file and use Rufus to create the bootable USB

- MS-Word Format: Completely Clean Win10 (Re)install Using MCT to Download Win10 ISO File

- PDF Format: Completely Clean Win10 (Re)install Using MCT to Download Win10 ISO File