Apr 17, 2009
hi guys, i built a new pc and i had huge problems with vista 64 ultimate sp2, blue screen of death has a whole new meaning. pc couldnt even last five minutes w/out that happening....wiped drive clean like 5 times, even used 2 drives and three pc's---tested hardware like 50 times...3 sets of twin ram sticks. so i trashed it and put in dreamlinux 3.5.( so far, so good!!!!) i need to install the drivers and utilities for my asus m3n78-vm mobo. on the asus site the OS choices for downloads are DOS, all types of windows, and others.
i dont know what a DOS is, or even if linux is one.

im guessing download drivers and utilities for others???

also do i have to do anything for linux, like put an install wizard or manager in, or will i be able to install this stuff "out of the box"
one more question, does dreamlinux 3.5 support 1080p hd/blu-ray or do i have to install somthing for that? (i have all the necassary hardware).
thank you!!


Apr 14, 2009

Select V64 or Linux from Operating System drop-down.

Posting your specs may help us determine hardware compaitiblity. If you can't install Windows, don't bother with Linux. You will fail 100% at installing drivers. It ain't point & click. ASUS doesn't provide any Linux drivers for that mobo. You can google for hours on end. Yes, most Linux distros will install on your rig, but the question is will it make 100% use of your hardware? No. You'd need Linux drivers for the parts. That means you'll be missing out some of the features in your hardware.

Stick to windows.