Liquid Cooling a Videocard


Aug 19, 2009
I'm liquid cooling a video card, but i'm having a crazy problem. Maybe someone can help.

I'm cooling a new Sparkle Invidia 9600GT card. First i tested the card in it's factory state. Then I removed the fan and installed the waterblock. At this point it stoped working.

I suspected that perhaps the card required the fan to work so i replaced the fan. When i did this i only used 2 of the 4 screws which held the fan in place. I connected the fan and tested the card. It did not work.

Just out of curiosity i tried just screwing in all four screws that held the fan in plase. now the card works.

Although the card works, i still need to liquid cool the card as i fear it will eventually overheat. (don't ask why, it's a long story).

Anyone have any theories why the card will not work with the waterblock installed?



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Without all the mount screws in place, the waterblock (or fan for that matter) are not making good contact with the GPU and it is overheating.

Actually, I feel that asking WHY you need to liquid cool the card is might give light to other issues.


Nov 20, 2007
Big help overshocks. It's a GPU and the OP watercooled it

What the op has as their GPU is no concern of yours. Maybe the OP has a job, 3 kids, and is over the age of umm.... 18, an adult with real concerns and no homework. What matters is we try to fix it, and I actually have a watercooled rig so my comments mean something.

OP: Need more info on your watercooling rig please. Tell us the whole story, no matter how long.


Feb 14, 2009

AHAHAHAH i love the retorts people make against shocks.


Aug 12, 2009


if you're gonna go with water, wouldn't it be more benificial to use something that would actually make a difference if you oc'd it? unless ur just doing it to tell all ur gurly friends u got watercooled :)

i got ur back shockerz! lol


Oct 27, 2006
Yes, that card IS rubbish. [/personal opinion which does not count here]

Now that that's out of the way, some people (like myself these days) prefer watercooling over aircooling BECAUSE (delete whichever is inappropriate) we live in a hot climate, we don't want a PC that sounds like a jet engine starting up, we just like to tinker with unusual stuff, we're enthusiasts, or we're fascinated by something different.

And yes, I am quite within reason in stating that the 9600GT is crap, since I'm using one myself - watercooled and everything. And the reason I 'wasted' money in watercooling it (and my CPU) is because I had the spare equipment anyway, I quite enjoy the silence of a watercooled rig, and I am not happy when any component in my case goes over 40ºC. Which graphics cards normally do.

I've also set up a basic office machine which needed watercooling because it stands in a place where it gets direct sun for about 5 hours a day. And it's the first machine to last there for longer than 6 months without anything breaking.

And if someone is watercooling just to tell all their 'girly' friends they're watercooled, so what? It's their time and money, and their rig.

Besides, nothing wrong with being 'girly' - two of my PC enthusiast friends are very 'girly' indeed - as 'girly' as one can get with breasts and a... anyway, and one of them uses phase-change while the other is doing some interesting things with TEC cooling.

Just my two cents...
It's their time and money, and their rig.
+1. It's not our problem if OP wants to do what he wants to, he's paying for it. And who knows if he isn't going to use the same block (assuming it's not a full card one) with a different card (ie 4870/GTX280) in the future or if he got the block for like $20 on Ebay,etc?

Notice that OP hasn't said what block he's using.


Nov 20, 2007
The issue.

The OP has xx card and some mystery watercooling. I don't worry what card he has, or what watercooling he has. I'm here to help. If we can solve the problem, then the OP is a happy human.

I like happy humans.

Saying the card is junk/old/etc is not helping the matter with some short post that does nothing to forward the conversation to help the OP. Saying the card is rather weak to worry about watercooling and what system do you have etc and suggesting help or ideas is considered helpful. Stoopid input labels you as, umm stoopid and ignored, just like the lunchroom, bar, hangout etc.

Why post here if only snide no-thought inputs are the norm?

For example, if it's a watercooling question and you have never done it or even spent 100+ hours reading on it would you even comment?

More brains, less e-peen please. It's not a Nintendo sub-forum.

Help peeps.