Liquid cooling help


May 12, 2009
hey guys, im thinking about getting a water cooling system and idk which one to get or if its even worth it.

ive got a phenom II 965 BE stock clocked at 3.4ghz and a 5770 oc'd to 960mhz core and 1445mhz memory

cpu temps are 37 idle, low 50's load; gpu temps 37 idle, upper 60's load

im planning on getting a second 5770 very soon (that would make it hard to use aftermarket air cooling, right?) and i wanna see how much farther i can oc them. i also want to oc my cpu as much as possible. is water cooling my only option to keep my cards and cpu cool? if so, whats a good water cooling system? ive been looking around and i cant decide which ones would be good.

thanks :)
Personally, I would just go for air cooling. Get a good CPU heatsink like the OCZ vendetta II or I've heard the coolermaster 212 is good. The meghalems (I forgot the brand) also got good reviews but is a bit more expensive.

Your GPU looks like it's already running really cool. I think you should be fine just with the cooling you have on them now.