Liquid Cooling like H100i on an ITX GPU?

Sep 3, 2018
Hey all!

Managed to find myself an interesting conversation, or question to give to the community of tom's Hardware. To explain the title, here's my question. I'm looking to try and liquid cool my Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 6GB MINI, notice the mini part. But I'm also looking to do it the noob way, with a closed loop like the H100i V2. I noticed that Corsair has the HG10 bracket for the closed loop to work with full size graphics cards, but I have a MINI card. I was wondering whether or not if with this card there was any sort of aftermarket bracket, or if I can literally just use the H100i and mount it to my card.

To give sort of a representation of these components, the picture below is the HG10 N980.

This is the H100i V2 (I want a closed loop on purpose)

Here's the card I have.

It's smaller, but A genuine question I have to do this. I'm sure there's a way to do it without a closed loop since I've researched before. But I'm kind of a noob when it comes to water cooling.

When it comes to a radiator AIO, I'm flexible. Doesn't have to be a H100i.

To answer any questions to why I want to find an AIO like this. When gaming, the card reaches 82C VERY quickly, and very easily. The card runs hot 24/7 when gaming. Throttling tends to happen on this card at 83C. So it's a close call when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm not looking to try and overclock the GPU. Just minimize the temperatures, and sound that the card emits.

My overall main PC build consists of:

Core i5 4690k 3.5GHz
Memory consists of 16GB DDR3.
ZOTAC Geforce GTX 1060 6GB MINI
2x 512GB SSD's.
2x HDD.
Case: BitFenix ENSO. (I'm aware its compact and small. I'm willing to compromise and get a new case. That isn't my main concern)
this card is uncoolable within any case or even open bench due to the heatsink being a simple aluminum slab.
while there are ways to mount an AiO on it, this card simply not worth the investment.
instead just sell it and get a card with a decent cooler. probably with upgrade to higher tier.


Boasting a Mini version card often means that the PCB was reverse engineered with the power delivery area modified to be on the side not meant to be per Nvidia's spec drawings. If you study the cooling bracket for the GTX1060, you'll notice that the hold down area conflicts with the VRM area on the card you own. You could fabricate your own hold down or have the waterblock/pump module ziptied onto the GPU but you loose out on cooling the power delivery area.

To resolve the heat issue, get a case that has better airflow. It's the cheaper option when compared to buying an AIO and the resources invested for making it work.
Sep 3, 2018

Would it be possible to just mount the block just on the main chip? OR do I need to worry about the VRMS?


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ALWAYS cool VRMs, MOSFETs and your vRAM as well as the GPU core itself. There is a reason that both stock coolers and full cover waterblocks make contact with these components (usually via thermal pads).

Gone are the days when you could get by only by dropping a universal GPU block and leaving the rest of the components naked...there simply isn't cooling for these components just allowing them to wave freely in the air - thermal loads will cause you to encounter permanent performance and display issues.