Liquid cooling my system


Dec 1, 2008
I am in search of a good liquid cooling kit that will adequately cool a CPU and GPU simultaneously. My current system consist of MSIK9N4 SLI-F AM2 NFORCE 500 SLI motherboard, gtx 260 GPU. I was concerned about the low cost kits not being able to cool both of those. The way it looks to set it up is I would take the pipes going away from the cpu to the gpu and then from there back to the pump back to the radiator and back to the cpu again. but i was worried that the water coming from the cpu might be too hot to do enough cooling to the gpu. Thermaltake PW 850i ProWater Series Universal CPU Liquid Cooling System (CL-W0175) was the one i was interested in buying, the water block for the gpu I would buy extra.
DO NOT GET A THERMALTAKE. Start with more research (see below)