Liquid cooling question


May 27, 2015
So I have a Cooler Master HAF X case with 3x 200mm top/back 1x 230mm side fan slots, and I'm looking to get a 6700k LGA 1151 socket i7. Do the fans on the liquid cooler have to be 200mm? if so where does one find 200mm liquid cooling? all I seem to be able to find is 120mm, 140mm or 280mm on sites like Newegg.
what kind of liquid cooling ? We talking CLC or "real" liquid cooling with adequately sized pumps and copper radiators ?

Your fans must exactly match the radiator ... use 120mm fans on 120mm wide rads. The HAF-X isn't a very good case for liquid cooling. The CM site makes no mention of radiator support for the HAF ... tho it should have plenty of room to fit it, there's no mentions of providing the necessary support for the rads and fan mounts. At the very list, I expect you will have to toss the 200m fans an mount two 140mm fans on a 280 or three 120mm fans on a 360 underneath

That being the case, brings me back tot he 1st question.... Unless you are considering a custom loop or all-in-one system from Swiftech or EK, there is no CLC that actually outperforms an equivalently priced air cooler.

Depending on Budget ... if ya keep the case....

$50... Mugen Max
$60-$65 ... Phanteks PH-TC14-PE
$90 ... Noctua NH-D14

$165 .... Swiftech H320 X2 -
$150 .... Swiftech H240 X2 -

Here's the bast known performance CLC (H100I) up against the "little" Swiftech and two popular air coolers.

The Noc performs better and the H100i needs to be 12 times as loud to get that close.

The Phanteks is only about a degree behind the Noc and can be had for as low as $60 depending on color. The Swiftech 240 would be my chose if ya have $150 to spend ... you could even add a MSI Seahawk and water cool the GPU also since the Swiftech allows you to expand the loop


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