Nov 17, 2012
i have a lot of questions.i have a liquid cooling loop which consists of 3 alphacool monsta 3x120mm radiators, 2 cpu water blocks and 2 gpu water blocks.

i need a good reservoir and a powerful pump because i am afraid that if the pump doesn't make the distilled water flow fast enough, then the water will go hotter and lose its capacity to cool which will therefore lead to overheating of one of the components.

this is because i am putting them one after another, is there any better way? like probably splitting the stream into 4 and then cooling every part individually, i have heard about Y splitters which to this but they are not recommended at all. so, what i need is a powerful pump, i would like it to be a little over-powered, unless it blows the system up, and also, am i doing this right, is it correct to put the heat generating parts one after another? would that lead to heating of one of the parts?
to avoid this, i am also thinking of putting a radiator after every part. then the circuit will be like this:


3 radiators are more than enough because they already haveabout 600W-700W maybe even more heat dissipation capacity each.
the cpus are 135watt and the gpus are 350 watt each. so, please help!

it would be great if you:
suggest a good pump and a reservoir (i am looking at swiftech maelstorm 5.25" bay with dual pump), then please tell me how to arrange all these items, and maybe some good fans too? i will do that myself anyways, but it would be better to hear from people who are mor experienced.
i would need 18 fans, i want to place 6 on each radiator, or is it useless?
What are your system specs? That is a crazy powerful cooling solution. It will easily cool any system. That's a lot of fans too, lol. That looks like a good way to set it up. I do recommend going with two pumps and separate loops for the cpus and gpus though. I haven't built a h2o system for a while, so I will let someone else give you advice on the pumps to use.


Oct 3, 2012
Just make sure ur pump has a good reputation. using many pumps will heat up the water passing through them, lol. It would be a good idea to attach ur radiators to your air conditioner like i used to. Now i have replaced my radiator with the cooling coil of the air conditioner itself! works really well :D