Question Liquid cooling Temp help

May 23, 2019
Ok so I just finished my first build and I am having some interesting cpu temp hikes. I have dove into liquid cooling and have both liquid cooled my cpu and GPU. This is what I have built

I7 8000k, gamerstorm captain ex120 cooler
Asus 1080ti liquid cooled NXNT bracket Corsair h55 cooler

I have two Corsair fans on the top exhaust

Three thermaltake fans in the front intake

I am doing push pull out the back exhaust with my captain ex 120
I am doing pull push from the front fans for my H55 on my gpu cooler.

I am seeing this random spike in temperature on the cpu every once and awhile. Average running temp on all units is about 25c. Randomly my cpu just jumps to 45c and then back down. This just started happening. Under full load both streaming and playing games I see the temps just hang at 30-35c which is awesome but then a huge cpu spike. I am not over clocking but would like to once I could figure out these temp issues.

I replaced the thermal paste recently and am still seeing this random spike. Is there something wrong with my temp reading? Should I do a pull push on the front fan for the CPU?

Thanks for any help! 🤘


45'c on a non delided non direct die cooling is great temp.
stress cpu using ibt to see its temps during load
my 8700k non non delided go to 80'c at 4.7ghz @1.25v during ibt stress test and 1080ti goes to 45'c during aida gpu stress test, both custom water cooled using ek parts 240+360 rad


Aug 25, 2017
A 120mm solution is not the most adequate for your processor, I suggest if your case can support it to upgrade to a 280mm Captain and get either the Bionix 128cfm fans or the Fractal Venturi non PWM fans as they're quiet and create a ton of airflow. Always have your front fan if you have one pulling air in and your rear pulling air out. However the temp spikes may indicate something a bit more ominous such as a memory controller failure. I suggest running Aida64 and a few other benchmarks, use hwmonitor to help you determine the temperatures. If you have two monitors it works best to have the temps on the second monitor and the testing running on the other monitor.