Liquid vs air 1080 ti


Apr 4, 2018
Life story had a old gaming Pc witch was supper loud so when I did my first full out build I wanted to make the system as close to passive/dead silent as possible. So I ended up with a 5930k with sli 980 ti and put the cpu and gpus on blocks the system seemd pretty loud ish and I eventually sold the 980s for a single 1080 ti ftw3 and put it on blocks since I all ready had the loop even with removing the other card it seems the same db level just takes a bit longer to hit the temp. So i was basically wondering if there’s something I was doing wrong as far as the system goes... 2x480 + 1x420 for the rads and ek vardar fans.

Iv thought of just switching out the liquid loop and getting a high end be quiet cooler and sticking the stock cooler on the ti and not bother with liquid unless there’s something I’m missing


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If you have waterblocks on those GPUs, they aren't producing any noise level - that is reserved to however you have your cooling fans set. If the fans are the same curves (or always on full) they wouldn't be any more noisy before or after the GPU swap if you didn't also change fans.

In short - full cover GPU blocks (one or one hundred) aren't causing the noise,'s the fans. What is controlling the fan RPM? Did you change any fans or change how fast they spin?