Nov 29, 2020
Hi, so recently I've wanted to change the thermal paste for all of my computers, every single one of them has their original thermal paste application from decades ago so I wanted to treat them since I can.

The thing is, when I searched up Isopropyl alcohol on the web it turned out to be kinda expensive in my country and I really don't need 4 gallons of alcohol. I need some type of liquid to clean the old thermal paste since it has been there for ages;

So, what are the alternatives to Isopropyl alcohol? I've read from people who use acetone and even lemon juice, but I'm not sure about it.

Please help me out on this one.

Any ethyl or methyl alcohol with full percentage found in paint shops can clean just as good. Another option is finger nail polish remover just got to be careful with it as it can melt plastic parts.
Unleaded gasoline too.
Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol et. contain other substances and may leave a film on CPU and cooler, not good.
Keep in mind that TIM "Grease" is not grease but silicone based so you need solvent for it, not de-greaser.
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