List of games favoring nVidia/AMD/or neither.

Hi everybody i was thinking you know what lets list down the games which are known to favor either nVidia or AMD, or some which does not favor between either.

It will help users to choose between nVidia/AMD the forum seems filled with fights almost everyday it's ridiculous maybe this will help what do you all think?


Sep 3, 2012
just cause 2 : nvidia has problems with it so i would say it favors AMD
metro 2033: it favors neither because its terribly coded (or so they say)
call of duty games: nvidia has better average fps and fps tops
battlefield 3: both are good

sorry for my english im dutch.
and if i made a mistake (this is from personal experience)
Most of today games wont matter as they are basicly coede for consoles so either is powerfull enought to get 30+ FPS.
The problem you might run into is drivers not working correctly with the ecoding of the game (normally nvidia has more luck with this, but not sure why).

Then on the other side, older games did have importnace on this (crysis 1, metro 2033, etc).

As far as i know, games that have anything to do with Physx work a lot better on nvidia.
Games based on the Unreal Engine normally run better on ATIs.
I dont know any engine that actually favors nVidia, i think most reason that they seem to do so is becouse of better driver coding for specific games.

Anyway you should probably only look at most demanding games only, as once you reach over 40 FPS, there wont be that much of a reason to spend extra cash on a better GPU.


Unreal Engine incorporates PhysX as a core feature and consistently favors Nvidia cards.


I would think unreal engine with exclusives like gears of war would run better on amd/ati(360's gpu). Some twimtbp titles run better on amd/ati, too.

I have generally seen the BF3 runs better on nvidia hardware(at least in canned benches. On techreport and hardocp, which are two sites I trust more
on that sort of thing, amd performs the same or better price/performance wise). Call of duty titles run ridiculously fast on anything. I think I have seen
Crysis 1 favor nvidia but Crysis 2 favor AMD. Metro runs like crap on everything. The latest dirt title(s?) scream on amd cards. There was a time that
Assassin's Creed flew on amd compared to nvidia(dx10.1 patch before it got pulled). I don't think Portal is ubisoft(it's a valve game bulit on source/
the half life universe). Valve games seem to favor nvidia(but again, the frame rates are so ridiculously high that any difference is purely academic).

Mass Effect, Sims 3, and counter strike(another source game) run fast on everything. Witcher can actually run both teams through the wringer pretty good.

Fyi, the dx10.1 Assassin's Creed patch got pulled 'cuz nvidia fanboys complained. If it'd stayed, some of the lower end nvidia cards now would run it better.
The only favoring I know of (obviously there are others):

Metro 2033 favor AMD. I've read the reason is due to use of DirectCompute
AvP favors AMD
Dirt 2 & 3 favor AMD, though the fps are so high it doesn't matter a lot

BF3 favors Nvidia, though with updates to AMD drivers, it's close
Blizzard games such as WoW and Starcraft 2 favor Nvidia
Batman AA and AC favor Nvidia if you use PhysX at least, possibly even without
Most any game with PhysX, unless physX is used sparingly.
Thanks! :)
I agree i am also pretty sure Crysis favors AMD i might be wrong though. I found a really old list someone made i am not sure if it's correct though the amd list looks correct to me but the nVidia i don't know
=== nVidia
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Mafia II
the godfather 2
ghost recon advanced warfighter 1 and 2

Aliens v. Predators
Dirt 2
Metro 2033
Deus Ex

Witcher 2
mass effect
mass effect 2
team fortress 2
battlefield bad company 2


Didn't crytek pass off the far cry franchise to another developer? I don't know who or how the various cards run far cry 2 or 3(unreleased?), and don't really
care. Far Cry 2 does look interesting, and it runs pretty well on anything. As far as the Crysis franchise goes, I'm pretty sure almost all the benchmarks I've
seen favor nvidia in crysis 1. I've seen recent benchmarks where amd does notably better than nvidia on higher than high settings in crysis 2(perhaps thru
recent patches and/or amd driver mojo). I wish I had time to scour the net for some pretty pictures that support what I just wrote, but I only really pay
attention to gpu reviews at techreport and hardocp. Their methods require a shorter list of tested games than many other sites and drop off games like
those when newer, more popular and graphically intense games come along. I will bring up a quote that many of us have likely read from crytek about how
"crysis 3 will melt your pc.". If Far Cry 1 and Crysis 1 are anything to go by, it may be years before any rig can max out that game on a super hd setup.