Lite-on cd/dvdrw shm-165h6s device

billy simmons

Feb 24, 2009
some how my cd rom got deleted from the system and now i dont have a drive that will read my cds. in device manager it tells me there is a problem loading software for the driver. in the system it shows to be deleted, but it still shows the cd/dvd package, but with no drive letter (E) and when you check the problem code it says the drive it says the lite-on shm-165h6s is the problem. so i have looked all over for a solution and find nothing to help me fix my problem. this driver also runs my printer and my backup for the computer. so i cant put a disc in and run it to check anything and it is beginning to be annoying because i have spent money on programs that swear that they have the answer to my problem and they dont even address the problem after you get the program installed. there has to be a way to get it to work without taking it to the repair shop. somebody please help me before i commit hairy cairy



Feb 16, 2009
Have you gone to the Lite-On site to look for the drivers? Try to google 'Drivers for Lite-On shm-165h6s'... should get a few replies. Also try reseating (disconnecting/reconnecting) the drive to the motherboard (with the PC powered off and unplugged- you'll have to open the case of course, be sure to discharge any static electricity built up in your body by touching the case frame or the power supply), then after everything is put back together boot up the PC, if it doesn't automatically detect the drive and load the drivers, try to scan for hardware changes in the device manager.

You could also update the firmware for the drive.

If you don't get anywhere with that buy a new optical drive, they're very inexpensive and VERY easy to replace. Just be sure to get the kind that works with your motherboard - IDE (big ribbon connector) or SATA (smaller connector, skinny cable).

Good luck!