liteonTe-3bc3 shows up on my wifi connection.

Oct 3, 2018
liteonTe-3bc3 shows up on my wifi connection. My email account was hacked on Saturday. I have no idea what this device is. Is this a device used to hack into electronics and accounts?
I am trying anyway possible to find out who did this so I can press charges.
It can be many devices that purchase network chips from a company called liteon. Just like almost all mac addresses on ethernet say intel it means nothing.

It is most likely some device in the house. So many people have so much wifi crap now days in their house. You can buy refriderators and washing machines that have wifi connections.

Change your wifi password and disable WPS.

It is not likely someone hacked the email by sitting close enough to your house to hack via wifi. The email server is not in your house anyway and if they actually hacked you computer you likely have a far larger problem than just email compromised.

Besides any hacker with the skills to get your email would not be stupid enough stay around connected to your wifi after.