Little help with my new build.


Sep 26, 2011
hey i am building a 2nd pc in the next week or 2 that will spend more of it's time streaming video from a server or the internet and if every needed to play games it is not far from doing so and i could do with a little advice here and there. :)
(i am from Australia so my prices can be a little different)

CPU- i5-3570K (3.4GHz/6M/22nm/77w/Integrated Graphics 4000) $235
Motherboard- Intel S1155 B75 Gigabyte [GA-B75M-D3V] $68
DDR3 Ram 8GB (1x8GB) PC3-12800 1600MHz NCP $34
SSD - 120GB Sata3 Kingston V+200 (R:535MB/s W:480MB/S) $89
Case -Cooler Master Elite 342 [RC-342] Black $40

Total - $466

my goal was to get it for about $500-$550 so i am looking at graphic cards and power supplies and here is were most of my questions come up. I am not sure if i really need a graphics card because from what i read the integrated graphics are better then a ATI 5450 and if i am not running a graphics card i do not need a huge power supply so i was wondering if a cooler master 350W was good enough or if a generic 500W.

i also find motherboards to be a real weak point for me i have no idea if the B75 Gigabyte is any good a recommendation would be greatly appreciated. :D