Question Little lines very faint dont believe they are scratches ?


Jun 29, 2015
Hi I have a TN Monitor and i've started to notice what I thought was scratches on the monitor but felt the surface and no sign of this.

I've noticed the lines cant be seen when monitor is off and also cant be seen when the background is white or black... but only when its a light colour.

I can basically scroll a page and watch them become more noticeable depending on the background colour.

I have no idea what it could be ? Lightly pressing on the monitor they still remain.

Just to add I dont think its a white mark but that it takes whatever colour is on the screen and lightens it where this mark is... So if I was staring at a red background where the scuff/lines are it would appear more light red/pink... this is why it isn't as noticeable on black backgrounds.

Final reply i've just realised the lines im seeing although faint are similar to the lines of my desktop background.. the lines match up where there is black lines on a rubix cube... any solutions to fix this ?