Live IP/Analog camera using active video baluns


Mar 16, 2010

I have a project on my hands. Need some advice

I want to put a camera(preferably analog) and view & record what it see at a distance of 1.5 - 2 kms. Now, for some reason(which i will not get into here) i am not goin to use a wireless system. Its gonna be wired. This is what i have in mind:

1. Place an analog camera --> BNC connector --> Active video balun ---> UTP CAT 5 cable ---> another video balun ---> TV monitor

Now the following queries:

1. Will a balun increase the range and help me cover the distance of 1.5 - 2 km without too much attenuation of signal strength?
If Yes - then can someone recommend a good quality video balun (brand) which i can purchase or order in India
If No - What other way to cover the distance?

2. Can the camera be powered up through the baluns ( i mean supplying power through the UTP cable using one or more pairs in the cable)

3. If i choose to use a IP PTZ camera, can i use these baluns then?
If not - then how do i increase the range over which the CAT5 cable will take the signal (i presume a UTP cable can be used for not more than 100-150 mtrs)

4. If yes then is it possible for me to control the PTZ through these baluns

5. Any other alternatives are also welcome !! :)


Apr 2, 2010
1. Don't think so. Probably its just a signal transformer/balancing hardware

2. You probably don't need baluns if you're going to use UTP cables (or ethernet cables). If your camera supports it, it can be powered by PoE (you may need an injector if your router doesn't inject power into the cable)

3. Connect multiple to switches

4. Not sure. You could with a web browser if it used the UTP/ethernet cables

5.1. Use the internet instead.



Jan 19, 2012
In reply:

1. Yes. An active CCTV balun will increase the range of the analog CCTV camera and restore signal levels to the orginal source signal levels due to gain compensation. It is recommend to use the MuxLab 500124 on the DVR-side and the 500100 or 500101 on the camera side. When used together the maximum distance is 2.1 km via cat5e/6. The 500124 has automatic gain control and therefore automatically adjusts the gain based on cable length. In India, they can be sourced from Honeywell India.

2. At 2km the analog camera cannot be powered from the source over Cat5e because there is too much voltage loss due the cable length. At shorter distances, it may be possible depending on the power consumption of the camera, source power supply voltage and camera voltage.

3. If an IP camera is used, different technology is needed. In this case MuxLab's CCTV IP Extender (500110) could be used to extend the distance between the IP camera and the Ethernet switch (or NVR) to up to 1.6 km @ 25Mbps data rate.

4. If it is an IP PTZ camera then the controls are embedded in the IP data stream and therefore yes, it is possible. The CCTV IP Extender is transparent to the data stream.