Question living room gaming keyboard

Aug 6, 2019
I'm in the process of building my first ever PC gaming for the living room. I intend on playing games sitting on a recliner couch watching my 65" TV. I did some research into wireless keyboard that I can use and here is what I came up with:
  • Logitech K830: inexpensive and provides a good enough keyboard for the price plus a trackpad. Seems pretty good if you don't need much of a mouse control, but that may be a problem if you do need one. I like the flat keyboard.
  • Corsair K63: I would prefer a flat keyboard like the above Logitech keyboard, but this one can be bought with a lapboard with a nice and roomy mouse pad.
  • Roccat Sova: Seems like a very large mouse pad though one that cannot be replaced and I really like plain ones with solid color. Comes with mechanical or membrane keyboard which are not flat.
  • Razer Turret Lapboard: flat keyboard and minimalistic design which I like. However, mouse pad area seems pretty small and NO backlight - I will be gaming in a dark environment.
I think that if the Razer keyboard were backlit, I would give that a try first. Ideally I would like to get:
  • flat keyboard
  • backlit keyboard
  • lapboard with nice size mouse pad
  • 100% wireless (no cables anywhere)
But I searched and didn't find anything like it. Anything I'm missing out there?