Question LL140 fans with Asus X99-A 3.1 motherboard do not light from true cold boot


Feb 20, 2014
Hi there,

I'm having some trouble with one machine at home and the Corsair LL140mm fans. I believe this is potentially a motherboard issue or setting but wanted to present my findings an get some feedback.

I recently purchased the twin pack LL140mm fans from Corsair. These come with the Lightning Node Pro and the RGB Hub.

For those who do not know, the way they fans work - please see below:

Each fan has two cables, one for the fan controller or the motherboard (in my case they are plugged directly into the board), and one other cable for the RGB. The RGB cables are plugged into the RGB hub and you have to add these in sequential order on the hub as there are six ports, so because I have two fans they are added to port 1 and 2.

The RGB hub is then connected to the Lightning Node Pro, and the Lightning Node Pro is connected to the motherboard via USB.

You can then control the lights via the ICue software provided by Corsair.

It's worth mentioning as well that both the RGB hub and the Lightning Node Pro have to be powered by SATA via the PSU.

The issue is that if i true cold boot the machine - i.e. I remove the PSU power cable and disconnect all devices, then reconnect everything and boot - I can only get the fans to light up if i remove the USB from the Lightning Node Pro before booting. If i boot with everything plugged in then the fans light up but no RGB. I can then connect it after and then everything works fine. Even if i just down via a normal shutdown, i.e. not remove the AC power and then boot back up, I don't have an issue (with everything connected). It's booting via true cold boot with everything plugged back in that i experience the issue.

The reason why this is annoying is that I have mounted the Lightning Node Pro and the RGB hub on the other side of the case where all the wires are, and it's a bit of a ball ache to remove the panel and disconnect and then reconnect every time i do this and for a fans which have essentially cost me £70.00, i kinda feel like this shouldn't happen.

Now, at first i thought it was something wrong with the product but i have another machine which i have tested this on and it works correctly.

The two machine's that I have used are:

Machine 1 - Not working

Motherboard: Asus X99-A 3.1
RAM - 16GB.
CPU - i7-5820K (i do overclock this but i'm testing in standard mode).
GPU (Gigabyte 2080 Super)

Machine 2 - working

Motherboard: Asus Z170-K
CPU i5-6600K (overclocked to 4.6)
GPU GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0

The only difference with Machine 2 from a setup perspective with the fans is that i am using a fan controller for Machine 2 to control the fan speed, whereas Machine 1 has the fans plugged directly into the board.

I've also tested the power supply by running both these rigs at the same time but powering the RGB hub and the Lightning Node Pro via Machine 2 and then the rest of it via Machine 1, just to see if it's a problem with the PSU. to test this i powered one machine 2 then immediately turned on machine 1.

So i feel like the issue is something with the board detecting the USB first and it's almost blocking it somehow, as if the usb is disconnected this issue goes away and i can just plug the usb back in.

Some settings i've tried to change in the bios are:

  • USB support - set to disabled or full initialization - previously set to partial initialization .
  • XCHI Hand off - disabled - previously enabled
  • EHCI Hand off - disabled - previously set to enabled.
Probably worth noting that I tried all of these settings independently not all together.

I also have tried using a different Lightning Node Pro and RGB Hub, but same issue.

I have also tried using a normal mini USB to USB 3.0 and plugging it in the back of the pc and same issue.

I've switched the USB 2.0 to mini USB cable to different channel i.e. from 1314 to 1112.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or anything similar / any suggestions?

I'm keen to keep them as i think they look cool so please don't suggest different product.