Question Loading animation of Windows 10


Jul 23, 2017
Hey, I have an Acer Nitro 5, it came with 8GB DDR4 RAM at first, ever since I upgraded the RAM to 16GB with an extra 8GB. My laptop's been taking a lot longer to boot up, the loading animation of Windows 10 has increased from what it was before. Why is this happening, how to fix it? How to shorter the loading time?


How to shorter the loading time?
Some options:
* Put the OS on SSD, preferably M.2 NVMe SSD.
* Keep the OS clean from bloatware. Also, the less scheduled tasks and background programs there are - the less time it takes for OS to fully load itself up.
* OS and software updates may shorten the loading times (on some cases, those extend it).
* Check your RAM frequency. If 8 GB stick was running at e.g 3000 Mhz but the 16 GB set is now running at e.g 2133 Mhz, it increases loading times.
* 2nd RAM stick puts higher load on MoBo memory controller (since it has 2 sticks of RAM to deal with). Without 0 word about what your system actually is, it is impossible to tell if that would be the issue.