locating startup items manually


Sep 4, 2009
I'm doing some pro-bono work for a local museum. They have a bunch of kiosks set up running win2000 pro. For what it is, it works fine. They boot up, and automatically go in to a player mode and show a video on a loop.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to dig around on a working kiosk. I only got handed the broken one that comes up "no boot disk found"

I'm no longer at the museum. I'm at home on my equipment. I've managed to get the drive repaired (and backed up), but it's been too long since I've worked in 2000. There's a good chance I could just put this drive back in the computer and boot it up and it would work fine. But, IME now that it's mounted and running, I better salvage what I can. It may not come up again. I do have a drive image backup which is better than nothing, but I'd also like to copy the video manually to my local drive so I've got a copy. If worse comes to worse I'm not putting 2000 back on the machine. It should run win7 just fine for its age.

Ok, I've rambled enough. My question: How can I manually find what the startup program boot sequence is on 2000 pro? I've looked at the boot.ini and it just says 'boot NT' and not much else. Where is the file that tells it to launch the player app, and which file to load?
Click the Start button > Programs > Startup > Start programs... you can right click the startup folder and select Explore to open the folder... this folder contains links for the programs that run as soon as the desktop opens.

Find the video file and right clicking it select Create shortcut > and move the shortcut to the Start folder. The video file should be properly associated with the program you want to run and play the video.