Question Locked monitor and downclocking frequency

Jul 28, 2019
Good evening everyone,

My laptop's monitor is locked on 120hz refresh rate, going into Intel graphic command center shows that as the default and only refresh rate available.
I tried setting a custom resolution but I received an error. Since dark souls remastered crashes if you screen's refresh rate is higher or lower than 60hz I tried a program called cru (custom resolution utility) to forcefully add a 60hz refresh rate option, which is now displayed even in the intel graphic command center. I tried working at 60hz and despite I see things a bit slowed down no major damage still showed up.

I'd like to ask you if forcing this frequency will damage my monitor or since it's a lower refresh rate it will be ok. I do anything on this laptop and can't afford buying another one for quite some time. I can definitely forget about the game if forcefully downclocking will damage my system, but I'm nowhere near being a pro and don't have the necessary knowledge to choose by myself.

Thanks for the help!